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IZUMISANO’s potential

Why IZUMISANO and not another area of Osaka?
We believe the answer lies in not only the appeal of IZUMISANO City itself,
but also the clear merits of the city’s location, the trends of the times, and the needs of tourists.

  1. 01

    Special Zone Vacation Rental Guest Houses: only permitted in a limited number of areas nationwide

    Even as Japan aims towards becoming a leading tourism country, only a few local governments have established ordinances regarding special zone vacation rental guest houses. As the number of overseas tourists visiting Japan rapidly increases, the number of hotels and Japanese-style inns is increasing nationwide. However, in this regard, IZUMISANO City is a place that is virtually undeveloped.

  2. 02

    Strengthening crackdowns on illegal vacation rental guest houses will actually boost the vacation rental guest house industry

    Following enforcement of the Private Residence Lodging Business Act (New Rental Guest House Law), the world’s largest rental guest house introduction website, Airbnb, has cancelled reservations with guest houses that are in violation of the new law. Many illegal vacation rental guest houses have disappeared, and the number of listings on accommodation-sharing websites has plummeted.

  3. 03

    Differentiation is easy, so there are opportunities for business expansion

    The Japanese government has set a target for increasing the number of overseas travelers visiting Japan to 40 million visitors or more by the year 2020. As a result, there is intense competition in the hotel industry owing to excess supply. In comparison, the vacation rental guest house industry—which can provide a multitude of differentiating factors—is believed to offer opportunities for business expansion.

  4. 04

    IZUMISANO City: once an undeveloped region for Special Zone Vacation Rental Guest Housing

    As the location of Kansai International Airport—the gateway to western Japan—IZUMISANO City has drawn attention as a location for vacation rental guest housing from the beginning. However, the city did not have the management system necessary for license and application regarding Special Zone Vacation Rental Guest Housing, and as building such a system from scratch poses high risks, no action was taken for a considerable length of time.

  5. 05

    Now there is little competition, land prices are low, and yield is high

    At REiVALUE Inc., through trial and error we have created the “Sano-San-Chi” system for providing Special Zone Vacation Rental Guest House management agency services. Currently in IZUMISANO City there are few companies operating vacation rental guest house-related businesses; moreover, as prices are lower here than in major city areas, it is possible to keep running costs down when managing such businesses.

  6. 06

    Providing added-value by utilizing local connections

    A rich variety of seafood, fresh vegetables, a good old-fashioned Showa-era streetscape, the natural environment of Mt. Inunaki, activities such as fishing….In IZUMISANO, it is possible to experience a uniquely and typically everyday Japanese lifestyle, and we believe that the city has the potential to provide attractive value to visitors from overseas even after 2020.

Only One

Strength of Special Zone Vacation Rental Guest House ONLY ONE

We have built from scratch a system for providing Special Zone Vacation Rental Guest House management agency services.
The unique management agency services provided by “Sano-San-Chi” feature three strengths.

Professionals rich in experience

A public notary with rich experience applying for Special Zone Vacation Rental Guest House registration; staff members who can be relied upon to provide efficient and effective renovations and interior coordination that increase guests’ satisfaction as well as profitability; legal advisors, for peace of mind in the unlikely event that problems arise—we have created a solid support system for guests.

Utilizing unique local connections

Starting with careful selection of good-quality properties through local real estate companies, we at REiVALUE Inc. are able to provide services that we have created independently, such as securing a cleaning system for vacation rental guest houses in IZUMISANO City and providing support in emergency situations. Furthermore, it is also possible to receive preferential treatment utilizing our connections with cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and other local facilities.

Peace of mind provided by the Sano-San-Chi brand

May 2018 saw the opening of our very first Special Zone Vacation Rental Guest House, “Sano-San-Chi”. Utilizing the branding tools that were created at that time, it is possible for us to apply sales promotion tools. Even amid reports in the news of incidents involving illegal or black-market guest houses, we are achieving PR that draws a line between “them and us”.

As electricity industry consulting professionals, REiVALUE Inc. achieves comparatively low costs by procuring optimal energy.


Special Zone Vacation Rental Guest House management agency services

At “Sano-San-Chi”, we aim to achieve high yield together with hosts, and promise to provide
safe and reliable management agency services. To begin, please feel free to contact us.

Set Up

Set-up service content

It is possible for us to act as agents for you in carrying out all of the items necessary for establishing a Special Zone Vacation Rental Guest House.
We act as agents in setting up guest house businesses so that guest satisfaction, occupancy rates, and sales all increase.


Management services content

In order to increase yield even further, it is imperative to carry out detailed improvements and make adjustments
in accordance with cultural differences or the season in Japan to ensure that the services provided are a perfect fit for guests’ needs.


Management service content

As we are able to flexibly respond to and handle matters that clients consult us on—from selecting properties to renovation,
applying for Special Zone Vacation Rental Guest House registration, and guest house set-up,
to guest house operation and management—please feel free to make casual inquiries to begin with.


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