Sano San Chi


Recreating Japan’s vanished daily lifestyle
in the present day

Various aspects of daily living have been treasured and maintained by Japanese people since time immemorial,
but we sense that nowadays there are customs that even Japanese people are forgetting gradually,
and many landscapes are being lost as times change.
A lifestyle whereby people live each day fully while drawing close
to human warmth, natural warmth, and cultural warmth.

<Person> Experiencing pure feelings.
<Time> Spending time at a leisurely pace without resistance.
<Food> Enjoying the delicious taste of food in season.
<Entertainment> Delighting in nature unique to each locality.

Reviving this beautiful, uniquely Japanese lifestyle in the present—
The concept of our guest house is the Everyday Japanese Lifestyle created together with the people of Izumisano.

Private Rental House

Stay days:two nights and three days or more

Previously the home of a fisherman’s family, this house was renovated in April 2018 and is now registered as a Special Zone Vacation Rental Guest House. Located in a quiet area just a few minutes’ drive from Kansai International Airport, this hotel is suitable for long-stay trips. After arriving at Kansai International Airport, rent a car. By dropping off your heavy luggage at the guest house, which has on-site parking, you can enjoy hands-free sightseeing around areas rich in nature—such as Senshu, Hannan, Wakayama, and Nara—as well as Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe.
Moreover, while staying at this guest house you can experience local Izumisano cuisine and activities, as well as experience the typical Japanese everyday lifestyle.

The guest house is a private two-story house with a Japanese-style layout. Perfect for family time, the living room, kitchen, and dining room provide comfortable spaces featuring sofas and chairs by famous Japanese furniture manufacturer Karimoku Furniture Inc. Providing three tatami-matted rooms (bedrooms) and one bedroom with wooden flooring, the guest house can accommodate up to 11 people.

To enable guests to experience a similar lifestyle to traditional Japanese everyday lifestyles, the accommodation facilities do not include TV game equipment. Also, this rental house values “Everyday Japan (peaceful lifestyle)” above all else, and so guests are asked to be mindful of neighboring residents during their stay.

Facility equipment

In the guest house <Sano-San-Chi> there are facilities and services as below.



Stay nights : 2nights stay or more/ Capacity 8 people

Special zone guest house with distinctive appearance and scenery seen from the window. "Sano San Chi YU" for long-term stay renovated in December 2018, there is a public bath (Hakurakisaki Onsen) 1 minute on foot, You can experience the culture of YU (Yu) unique to Japan。Moreover, it is close to Showa Nostalgia full of housing complex, water tower, Suehiro Park where children gather, and you can touch Japanese idyllic daily life.

Free pick up from Kansai International Airport。Also, there is a parking lot near the guest house so if you arrange car rental, A lot of luggage is put in the guest house, and it is possible to sightseeing in Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, etc. in the area where nature is abundant such as Quanzhou, Hannan, Wakayama, and Nara in "hand-free".
The guesthouse is the 2nd floor of the building with a hair salon on the 1st floor. There are a living room with a kitchen, two rooms with tatami (bedroom), one Western-style room with a view, and a maximum of eight people to stay.

There is no provision for video games etc. in order to enjoy the original everyday in Japan similarly. In order to better experience and enjoy daily life in Japan, video game console and other services are not provided. In addition, since this hotel sees "Japan's daily life (calm life)" is more important than anything else, we hope that guests staying here can care about the surrounding residents.

Facility equipment

"YU Yu" has the following facilities and services


Stay nights : 2nights 3days or more / Capacity 8 people

Osaka · Izumiotsu, which is the departure point of "Sapporo Ferry" heading for Kitakyushu (Shinmoji) and Kobe (Rokko Island). This is the place where the leading protagonist Manpei is making the salt in NHK morning continuous television novel "Manpuku" (founder of instant noodle). Located in a quiet residential area 3minutes walk from Matsunohama Station, “Sano San Chi MATSU” is an ideal home for families, friends and lovers.

After arriving at Kansai International Airport, you can arrange car rental. If you put your luggage at this guest house located in the center of Osaka · Namba Station near Osaka · Namba Station, you can enjoy sightseeing in Osaka · Kyoto · Kobe, Nara · Wakayama area "hand-free".

The guesthouse is a two-story house with a Japan layout. The first floor is a relaxing living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. There are two simple Japanese-style rooms (bedrooms) with tatami flooring on the second floor, so you can relax slowly. In addition, you can see niches in Japanese buildings that are specially designed to entertain guests.
In order to better experience and enjoy daily life in Japan, video game console and other services are not provided. In addition, since the hotel values "the daily life of Japan (a peaceful life)" above anything else, we hope that guests staying here can care about the surrounding residents.

Facility equipment

“MATSU Pine” has the following facilities and services.


Nearby Information

The guest house does not provide meals, but guests can use affiliated cafes and izakaya (Japanese-style pubs).
We also introduce guests to restaurants, eateries, and shops that have received rave reviews
from a cameraman who took an eating tour of Japan while on assignments.

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